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Public Enterprise Regional landfill ‘EKO-DEP’ LLC from Bijeljina was established on 9 May 2005 in order to build a regional sanitary landfill in Bijeljina. Founders of the enterprise were municipalities of Bijeljina, Ugljevik, Lopare, Čelić, and Teočak.
Since sanitary landfills are complex structures of communal infrastructure, which are built over many years and have a long lifespan, the project planned the construction to be done in phases in order to secure funds for individual phases of construction easier.
The number of phases and their duration is determined by technical and technological requirements during the exploitation, and by possibility of securing funds for investments.
PE ‘EKO-DEP’ LLC completed the first phase of construction of Regional sanitary landfill ‘Brijesnica’ in Bijeljina on 3 December 2009, and the landfill was officially commissioned on 1 January 2010. This made PE ‘EKO-DEP’ LLC the first public enterprise in Republika Srpska to be engaged in processing and disposal of non-hazardous waste in a sanitary manner.
The first phase of construction of sanitary landfill included the construction of two, out of four, sanitary cells, and construction of other buildings, as well as acquiring specialised equipment and machinery. Thus, the landfill ‘Brijesnica’ is fully capable of sanitary disposal of municipal waste.
The following has been done for this purpose:
  • The whole area of the landfill (~ 27 ha) was fenced off.
  • Low voltage grid was connected, and a transformer station was built at the landfill.
  • Pipeline for drinkable water was built and some of the inhabitants of nearby local communities were connected to it (in accordance with the decision made by the Assembly of the Municipality of Bijeljina).
  • A modern entrance-exit zone with included digital scales with a load capacity of 60t was built.
  • A facility for disinfection of wheels and vehicle undercarriage before exiting the landfill was build.
  • The first and second sanitary cells for solid municipal waste disposal were built. Their total surface is approximately 4.5 ha. The sanitary cells include protective insulation materials – geotextiles and other materials which guarantee protection of groundwaters, system for collection of leachate, system for collection of biogas.
  • Internal road network was built at the landfill.
  • Equalisation basin for leachate reception from the landfill was built, with a recirculation system and return of leachate to the cells. In this way the conditions necessary for leachate treatment were secured in the initial 3-5 years of landfill operation.
  • The landfill was equipped with necessary machinery: compactor (with capacity of up to 200 t of waste per day), bulldozer, dump truck, tractor with various attachments, etc.
  • A building for accommodation of workers and machinery was built at the landfill, with a space for maintenance of machinery. This building provided quality sanitary conditions for work of employees.
  • Hydrant fire protection system was built, which secures the complete landfill area.
These investments completed the first phase of Regional Landfill ‘Brijesnica’, completing one technical and technological part, which created conditions for sanitary disposal of municipal waste in Bijeljina region.
In order to extend the lifespan of the landfill, it was necessary to commence the construction of the next phase of the landfill. The enterprise commenced the second phase of construction of Regional sanitary landfill ‘Brijesnica’ in 2012, and it is still ongoing and it will be continued in the following period.
Within the second phase the following investments have already been implemented:
  • Capacity of the landfill ‘Brijesnica’ was expanded.
  • Temporary sanitation of the old unsanitary landfill in the vicinity was performed.
  • Access road was built.
  • Excavator – caterpillar was purchased.
  • Leachate treatment facility (purifier) was built at the landfill ‘Brijesnica’.
  • Gas flare with a system for collection of the landfill gas was purchased and commissioned at the landfill ‘Brijesnica’. The capacity of the flare is 200 Nm3/h.
Once again: since the sanitary landfills are very complex structures of communal infrastructure, which require significant funds to build, and these funds are difficult to secure, the construction of the landfill is done in phases during its entire lifespan.
That is why the PE ‘EKO-DEP’ LLC will continue to build and develop existing system for solid municipal waste management at the Regional sanitary landfill ‘Brijesnica’ in Bijeljina.