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Study of quality, stability and possibilities of bottling oligomineral hyperthermal water from Spa Dvorovi

This study researched possible chemical transformation processes in hyperthermal oligomineral water from Spa Dvorovi. The testing was done using modern methodology and methods in the interval of 100 days. The study used glass and PET (plastic) bottles for sampling water from well number 1. The objective of the study, in addition to obtaining scientific data, was to check for the possibility to bottle the mentioned water. The study has yielded the following results.
Methodology and methods used in the study have proven to be reliable for the mentioned research. A real world situation was simulated in the laboratory with bottled drinking water, and tests were performed in the defined time frame.
The test results showed that oligomineral hyperthermal water from Spa Dvorovi is of good quality, considering its chemical and microbiological composition and behaviour of the components during time, with stable concentrations, meaning there are no chemical transformation processes and creation of new components, turbidity and sediment. The water has healing properties and quality which fulfils all requirements prescribed by the Rulebook on bottled natural mineral drinking water and drinking water (77) and Rulebook on hygienic quality of drinking water (78) of the Republic of Serbia. The water is suitable for bottling.
Tests of packaging (PET and glass) for the possible impact on the water quality showed that there is no significant impact on the water quality, which means that the PET (plastic) packaging, as more economical and cheaper, can be used to bottle the water from Spa Dvorovi.
The content of total alpha and beta activity in the water is within permitted limits (0.021 Bq/L total alpha activity and 0.15 Bq/L total beta activity).