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Social Housing Development Strategy of the City of Bijeljina (2021-2030)

Social housing in Republika Srpska is a part of housing policy of Republika Srpska which provides conditions to solve housing issues in a systemic way, for all individuals who are not able to do it on their own due to different, primarily economic, social and health issues.
Assembly of Republika Srpska adopted the Law on Social Housing of Republika Srpska and the Social Housing Development Strategy of Republika Srpska in order to secure conditions for sustainable development of social housing in Republika Srpska.
Complying with these documents and with the fact that there is a clear discrepancy between the needs and abilities of a certain number of citizens who are not able to solve their housing issues on their own (young people, young couples, war veterans, war invalids, displaced people and other vulnerable categories with beneficiaries of social protection), the City of Bijeljina initiated a process of sustainable social housing development at the local level.
Assembly of the City of Bijeljina adopted:
  1. Decision on the number of social housing units,
  2. Decision on the amount of rent for using social housing units, and
  3. Decision on rent subsidy procedure.
Mayor of the City of Bijeljina issued:
  1. Rulebook on awarding the social housing units procedure, and
  2. Rulebook on the manner of management and maintenance of social housing units.