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City Bijeljina

Department of Spatial Planning

Karađorđeva 4
76 300  Bijeljina

Phone: +387 (0)55 233 196
Fax:+387 (0)55 211 305
Head of department:
[email protected]
Persons responsible for issuing building permits
  • Veselinović Dušanka
Phone: 055/233-199
E-mail: [email protected]
  • Jelačić Vojna
Phone: 055/233-199
E-mail: [email protected]
Department of Spatial Planning performs administrative and professional activities under the City jurisdiction related to:
  • preparation of spatial planning documentation;
  • development plans;
  • monitoring the implementation of strategic plans within their scope of work;
  • issuance of location requirements and building permits;
  • staking out buildings;
  • technical inspections and occupancy permits for completed buildings;
  • control of investment and technical documentation;
  • legalisation of illegally constructed buildings, as well as other jobs placed in their scope of work by special acts.