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Survey of the citizens of the City of Bijeljina as part of the European Mobility Week

In accordance with the strategic commitment of Bijeljina to become THE CITY OF THE FUTURE by 2030, the Administration of the City of Bijeljina is preparing and implementing a number of programmes, projects and activities to create prerequisites for a sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
Accordingly, the Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration organised a number of promotional activities in the period 16-22 September 2019 and marked the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK for the first time. The goal was to raise awareness and promote healthy, active ways to travel through the affirmation of Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a special emphasis on SDG 3 (health improvement), SDG 11 (sustainable and inclusive cities and communities), SDG 13 (climate action), and SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals).
The topic of this year’s European Mobility Week was "Safe Walking and Cycling", so the seven-days activities included citizen survey, raising awareness about the need and importance of urban mobility, closing the city centre for traffic in the evening, installation of new bicycle parking stands, workshops for students, traffic frequency monitoring, non-competitive cycling, and awarding the youngest participants.
As already mentioned, one of the activities was surveying citizens of Bijeljina, with the goal of their greater participation in making decisions related to the improvement of the quality of life in the City of Bijeljina.
Time of survey: from 16 September 2019 to 22 September 2019;
Method: Filling electronic questionnaire and citizen survey in the city centre;
Instrument: A questionnaire with a group of questions directly related to this year’s European Mobility Week topic "Safe Walking and Cycling";
Goal of survey: Satisfaction of citizens with the cycling infrastructure in the City of Bijeljina;
Sample: 1,015 citizens of the City of Bijeljina.