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Survey of the students of the Faculty of Business Economics – study programme Business Informatics

In accordance with the strategic commitment of Bijeljina to become THE CITY OF THE FUTURE by 2030, the Administration of the City of Bijeljina is preparing and implementing a number of programmes, projects and activities to create prerequisites for a sustainable economic, social and environmental development.
In 2020, the City of Bijeljina received a recognition and was announced a leader (out of 21 LSUs) in a category related to inclusion of citizens and civic society in the decision making processes on the local level, so the practice of surveying continued in 2021.
Time of survey: from 9 February 2021 to 9 March 2021;
Method: Filling electronic questionnaire (using a link);
Instrument: A questionnaire with eight questions was prepared for the needs of the survey;
Goal of survey: Involvement of citizens in the decision making in the City of Bijeljina and improvement of life in the city with an emphasis on supporting IT sector;
Sample: Students of the Faculty of Business Economics in Bijeljina, study programme Business Informatics, were surveyed. Total number of surveyed student was 33.