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Langenhagen (Germany)

Langenhagen is a city in German state of Lower Saxony. It is connected to Hannover, but it has a separate infrastructure and economy. Langenhagen has more than 50,000 inhabitants.
Cooperation between Bijeljina and Langenhagen was established in 1999, and the Twinning Agreement between the two cities was signed in 2007.
The first written mention of Langenhagen under its current name originates from 990, and the town is mentioned for the first time in 1312 as Nienhagen. The year 1618 was very important for the development of the town, because Langenhagen received trade privileges.
Langenhagen became an important crossroad in the 20th century, mostly due to the construction of railroad in 1890, and port on the Mittelland Canal in 1916.
The motorway was built in the mid 1930s, and that is when the Silver Lake was created. Apparently the name was given by pilots who used it as a landmark on their way to Berlin.
The Second World War brought enormous destruction and two thirds of Langenhagen were destroyed in bombardments.
The period after the war was a period of fast economic and social development, so in 1959, Langenhagen got its city charter, and in 1974, during the administrative reform, the city territory was expanded to its current size.
The Hannover-Langenhagen Airport was open in Langenhagen in 1952. It is one of the biggest airports in Germany, and it is crucial for the city’s economy.
There are four industrial zones with manufacturing and commercial activities near the airport, and there is the Hannover international market with offices of over 400 international distributors of branded goods.
In Langenhagen, in 1982, production of compact discs started for the first time in the world, and production of DVDs started in 1996.
Langenhagen is famous in Gemany for its cabaret and comedy scene.
The main goal of the Art Association of Langenhagen, which has a national importance, is to promote and protect part of modern art. Thanks to the Association, there is the Sculpture Park in Langenhagen, and modern sculptures are placed all around the city.
A festival of theatre and short forms “Mimuse” is held every year in Langenhagen.
A three-day city festival is organised on the city square in July, and a great city ball is organised biennially. Humanitarian events Industrial Show and Family Festival are also organised biennially.
There were several windmills within the Langenhagen territory in the past, but only one from the 17th century was preserved. There are also several old churches, and the most famous is the Elisabeth Church, reconstructed after the destruction during the Second World War. The tower of the church, over 400 years old, was preserved, and it is the oldest building in Langenhagen.
Langenhagen is also known for horse lovers, and there is a successful Polo Club.
Nature oases are protected areas of nature belonging to the Kananoher Forest, and the nature reserve Kaltenweider Moor.
In addition to Bijeljina, Langenhagen is a sister city / twin town of London borough of Southwark (United Kingdom), Novo Mesto (Slovenia), and Głogów (Poland).
Districts of Langenhagen cherish the partnerships with cities and districts in France, Austria and Brasil.