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Feasibility study on the possibilities of using solar energy to generate heat and electricity

Climate is the primary energy resource which has created fossil resources of coal and oil. The current manifestation of climate as a resource is represented by solar and aeolian energy, as well as biomass energy. Today's humanity produces energy mainly by burning coal, by building large dams or from nuclear power plants, thus consuming non-renewable resources, polluting the environment and living in constant fear of possible new nuclear disasters. Globally, we can say that in ‘its energy history’ the world has reached the end of an era and non-renewable energy sources cannot be the basis for planning future development and the question is - what now?
We can look for the answer in the renewable energy sources. The characteristic of renewable energy sources is that during their use, their stocks do not decrease as with fossil fuels, they are present in huge quantities and, very importantly, they do not pollute the environment. Wind and solar energy are among the most used renewable energy sources in the world today. In addition to the fact that these are environmentally friendly energy sources, an important factor for significant expansion is the fact that the exploitation of renewable energy sources has become economically competitive. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the use of all forms of renewable energy around the world, and especially in the European Union. Direct use of renewable energy sources is not the only way to improve the energy situation. In recent times, the improvement of energy efficiency with relying on the strategy of rational use of energy has become increasingly important. In principle, it is about using solar energy inflows and reducing energy losses at the same time.
The possibilities of generating energy from renewable energy sources have not yet been fully explored, but let's try to see the extent of that potential. The short answer to the question of how much energy we can get is: more than we need. However, to clarify, let us recall how much energy we consume and how many different energy sources are available to us. Energy potential of all world rivers is enough to fulfil our current needs for energy. Energy potential of ocean waves, created by the influence of tides, is enough to produce twice as much energy than we need. Geothermal potential is five times higher, while the world biomass potential is about twenty times higher than our needs. Wind potential is two hundred times higher, and the potential of solar energy on our planet is 2850 times higher than our current annual energy needs.