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City Bijeljina

Industrial zone 2

Basic facts:
  • North-West urban area of the City of Bijeljina;
  • Surface: 41ha;
  • Greenfield.
  • Trade and services zone;
  • Industrial - manufacturing zone.
The initial auction price of construction plots is determined according to the subzones of the Plan, as follows:
  1. Subzone 1: 30,00 KM / m2 - construction plots that lean on Stefan Decanski Street and exit to the first parallel road according to the zoning plan,
  2. Subzone 2: 15,00 KM / m2 - construction plots that open onto the road from Stefana Decanskog Street to the exit to the Bypass
  3. Subzone 3: 10,00 KM / m2 - other construction plots
  1. Payment of land in industrial zones for a period of 60 months without interest;
  2. 70% -90% reduction of fees and taxes for production facilities;
  3. Possibility of parcelling in accordance with the requirements of investors.