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Public Institution Spa ‘Dvorovi’ Dvorovi

Basic information
Address: Ulica Karađorđeva 100, 76300 Bijeljina
Phone: +387 (0)55 350 502, +387 (0)55 350 503
Fax: +387 (0)55 350 626
E-mail: [email protected]
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About Spa ‘Dvorovi’
Public Institution Spa ‘Dvorovi’ is located in the north-east of Republika Srpska, BaH, between rivers Sava and Drina, with an elevation of 93m, and roads which go across Rača and Pavlović Bridge from Serbia to Bijeljina, and then to Banja Luka and other towns in BaH.
Semberija is cultivated, with beautiful parks, pools, nice accommodation at the St. Stephen Hotel, and has hospitable people, making Spa ‘Dvorovi’ a great place for holiday, prevention and treatment of various conditions.
At the modernly equipped medical block, with top experts and healing thermal mineral water, the following conditions are successfully treated: all forms of rheumatic diseases, chronic gynaecological diseases, rehabilitation of post rheumatic conditions of limbs, psoriasis, some forms of eczema, diabetes, mild neurosis and chronic gastritis.
In addition, the guests have all types of massages, inhalations and acupuncture available.