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Student survey

Development of higher education in the City of Bijeljina started in 1993 when the Faculty of Teacher Education and College of Foreign Trade started their operations. Higher education is governed by the Law on Higher Education.
The construction of the Higher Education Centre was completed in 2009, and the equipment was acquired. Lectures started in the school year 2010/2011 which marked the achievement of the strategic goal 4.1.1. from the Development Strategy of the Bijeljina Municipality up to 2015. The conditions were made for Bijeljina to become a university city; however it is necessary to construct buildings for accommodation of the students.
The City of Bijeljina awards scholarships through competitions for students of science, social science, technical science, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and informatics. These students are children of killed soldiers and members of less represented constituent peoples and other minorities.
Development of student and university infrastructure does not follow the accelerated development of higher education. There is an obvious lack of accommodation for students, while the existing accommodation does not meet the standards of student life. There is no student campus in the city territory, where student canteen, library with a reading space, and facilities for sport, recreation and free time would be located.
Young and educated people are leaving, and this is a problem for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bijeljina. That is why the Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration decided to conduct a survey to identify the factors which influence the decision of young people to leave, or to stay in Bijeljina.
Time of survey: from 19 April 2019 to 27 April 2019;
Method: Filling electronic questionnaire;
Instrument: A questionnaire was created for the survey containing a group of questions directly related to the needs and desires of young people;
Survey conducted and analysed by: Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration;
Goal of survey: Examine the needs of young people in order to create a list of activities and projects that are planned to be implemented in accordance with the needs of students;
Sample: 100 students on the third and fourth year of studies in Bijeljina.