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The City of Bijeljina and Caritas continue cooperation to improve energy efficiency

The City of Bijeljina and Caritas Switzerland signed an annex to the cooperation agreement related to energy efficiency, which officially announced the continuation of cooperation in this area. Amount of 100,000 convertible marks will be granted from the city budget this year, while Caritas donated little more than that amount.
Representatives of Caritas and the Department of Social Affairs of the City visited all schools in order to determine their needs for reconstruction and which buildings should have priority. In accordance with the obtained information, the Primary School “Petar Kočić” in Brodac was chosen for co-funding the works on facade reconstruction and improvement of heating, to replace windows and doors on the sports gym, and to solve the problem of heating, namely installation of heat pumps instead of solid fuel boilers, which was completed at the end of 2022.
The plan is to install heat pumps in another primary school, which would replace the existing solid fuel boilers, and to renovate the facade and install insulation materials. This would improve energy efficiency, and decrease air pollution.
The City of Bijeljina is committed to continue to renovate school buildings, because inspections showed that numerous primary school buildings must be renovated as soon as possible. Over half a million convertible marks will be granted for these purposes.
In addition to the activities implemented in cooperation with Caritas, there is a plan for the reconstruction of the buildings of the Primary School “Jovan Dučić” in Bijeljina and schools in Glavičice, Zagoni, Suvo Polje, Velika Obarska, Gradac, as well as the building of the Secondary School of Economics in Bijeljina.